9 out of 9 logos rejected. Do they even look at them?

This is really frustrating. I’ve been freelancing for over 18 years and I’ve never been rejected by a client. Sure, they ask for changes here and there but I’m always close to the mark in their brief. I even looked at what logos are there in the fields I’m submitting to. They don’t even provide feedback.

Hi there,

We have the same, from the last 25 uploads 24 got rejected. It really makes no sense anymore!

We are really pushing quality and trying to make unique stuff. Without any reason almost everything gets rejected.

Looking at some new logo’s on this site lately it really doesn’t make sense why our logo’s wouldn’t get an approval…

Luckily most of the logos are selling on other websites, but not as good as the would sell here.

I will post some of our rejected work tomorrow.

Greets Alex aka LiveAtTheBBQ

Same to you. The Quality Team don’t provide any detailed reason why my items were rejected. I don’t know what they want I do with my logos after edited and remade it many times. Holy shit!

Wow - usuaslly I jump right in and defend the reviewers because there are som many poor uploads and people just complain without having the first idea.

But seeing these my mind boggles. These are all good design.

And if Alex from LiveAtTheBBQ gets almost all his stuff rejected I’m just glad I don’t do logos - that’s just ridiculous, he has some of the best logos on GR.

Enough said.