I got shocked and I need help..!

Guys I recently put my topic here and I’ve been asking for feedback for my work. So I got rejected another time, I did a lot of changes and I think this work is not so bad to accept. Please Envato why this rejection is happening. On a side note, I submitted my preview video without any watermark do u think guys is that one of the problems or it won’t affect. I am so depressed and any help, please to improve the project.

This is the project.

It looks really nice about everything, animation, design, transition slides, etc. I guess rejection is because of many other projects similar to yours already on Envato. I can´t see other reason why.
Good luck and keep working!! :+1:

Thanks anyway for the good words.

It’s not the watermark. You probably got the “doesn’t meet our high standards” message. Personally, I really liked it and If I were a reviewer I would have approved it. You can always submit it to other market places, though. I’m sure there will be people who will buy your template so do not throw your project in the trash bin! You’re already in pain you deserve a reward :slight_smile:

Thank a lot for u @rafidola