I forgot my email address

I still remember the username and password but not the email address
How can I know my email?
When logging into my account, I’m asked to send a code, but I don’t know which email has been registered

Contact support.

You can find your email address by following this step:

If you want to access the admin, after logging in, you must confirm the code sent to your new email
I don’t remember which email so I don’t have the code

You can contact support as I suggested earlier, as long as you could provide the purchase details such as the payment method, last purchase item, some personal information, they are able to find the details for you.

I had this issue few times and they were helpful. ( I create new account for the purchases those belong to the customers )

Hi @thetranvanminh,

I would like to suggest at first try yourself. Please go to my provided link and follow the steps mentioned there. When you will Click the Edit details you will see your account email there.

Otherwise Contact Envato customer support.