Problem my email....

My envato email account was stolen, how can I change my envato account email? Please help me it is very urgent, thank you.

Hi @JeriTeam,

How do I change my Email address?


I not canenter my account envato but I use my email gmail account envato…

Please Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to assist you.

Jeri, will be better if you take help of your husband when you will open a ticket for writing better English to explain them.

thank you so much

My ticket support is 2727422, I need change email and password my account envato thank you so much, is very urgent.

I urgently need to change my email for my envato account but I’m waiting, support hasn’t answered me yet.

I am very afraid they are going to steal my envato account, lose my sell…

Hope you have completed Author ID check. if yes then your account should not steal. please keep patience hope support will reply as quickly they can.

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thank you so much, I have very patience

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Yet I am waiting reply me email support emvato but I need upload my design, I not can enter my account envato

I already found a solution to return my previous email I can now enter my account as “jeriteam” in envato, themeforest etc… greetings. :slight_smile:

@JeriTeam glad to hear.

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