I don't understand how to use my dowloaded assets


I’m a bit lost and don’t understand what I’m supposed to do. I bought this pack (and it must be the same for all the others) and I simply don’t know what to do with it. It gives me a .dra file, with the .drp project inside and media files in .mov. The .mov files aren’t transparent, and when I import the project by restoring it as in the guide, it gives me a group of several Fusion compositions in the form of a timeline, impossible to save in powerbin/powergrades, and I’m not going to export the projects one by one. I’ve seen quite a few Envato guides for Davinci, but it seems to be viable only for version 17 or titles with .settings.

Please help me D:

Thank you in advance.

Is it from Marketplace or Elements?

Both. The first pack I purchased had this problem, but when I suscribed to envato, every packs was like this

For marketplace items, you can request some help from the author:

I already contact the author, I’m awaiting their reply but I don’t see recent activity on their shop online.

Item support is being provided by the original authors, as it seems you have already checked the “few” documentation available.

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Have any suggestions?

The documentation provided is a video explaining how to drop a dra files, so I have the assets in different timeline, but it’s impossible for me to save them as preset rapidly. Maybe I can save the project with timeline individually but I don’t know if davinci have this features.