I don't know where i am doing wrong---pls help

This is the video i did and i got hard rejection…If i getting this type of message again and again, is this any error with file that oi have uploaded or lack of design?..pls help me…and also i attached the project file…anyone see and tell your valuable words? that ll help to improve my work.
Thank you

Link for project:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BoOsvomAh8lOaeLeKQSeczGRg5uneUrs

You already opened up a thread for this rejection and I already replied to you with my opinion why this had to be rejected.
Why do you need to open another thread now? If you continue to double-post moderators will have to give you a warning.

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Yep, @Creattive is right

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but today morning its get rejected so

yesterday i uploaded and asked feedback from you morning itself its rejected…if any file error happens is it get soft rejected or hard rejected?

use the old thread then, don’t open up a new one. This is about the same item and you already got a reply to why this is a clear hard reject. It is nothing about the projectfile, it is the quality of the execution. Work on the movement, develop a sense for motion, study other works and their movements, their dynamics.


Thank you ll improve my work…:blush::+1: sorry i don’t know that @

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