I can't save changes to Flatsome's WordPress theme. Please help.

Dear Sir and Madam
Would you mind helping me?

I have bought Flatsome’s WordPress theme the other day. And I tried to fix my homepage by using UX Builder. Please see attached images.
I selected my favorite background, and then I pressed “Apply” button. Next,I pressed “Update” button, then I tried to leave this page. But the warning “Exit? All changes since last save will be lost”, and my correction that I have made was not saved and reflected.
What should I do? What do you think is a problem?
Please teach me.
I am waiting for your reply.

Tsuyoshi Hashimoto


Ask your question with your purchase item author @UX-themes right here as a comments

Hope they will help you out from your issue.


Thank you for your advice!!

Hi @kawauso244

You can check this video tutorial:

How to use the UX Builder


Also you can check full documentation:


Thank you for your advice!
I am going to check it.

Hi did you finally fix your problem? and how?I am having the same problem

Any update on this issue fix? I have the same issue?