Flatsome - Updating page but changes are not saving

All of the sudden a couple of my pages are not saving the changes when I update the page. Any help would be greatly appreciated as UX Themes and Envato are not responding to my support requests. Thanks

contact with your purchase item author @UX-themes right here as a comments

hope they will helped!

I am a developer and have worked on many platforms for many years. The UXBuilder for Flatsome theme is not saving any page changes at all. The date is 04/21/22. I tried submitting a ticket to Flatsome, but they asked me to pay $42 for support. I reset that all I get is an AI answer that does not address this problem and I am posting here in Case anyone else is experiencing this issue.
All other potential causes for this, like caching and version or plugin conflict have been looked at and eliminated. This seems to be a bug.