I can't buy a subscription to Envato Elements?

Hi, I’m from Sweden and I wanna purchase a 1 year subscription to Envato Elements for Unlimited Downloads. I’ve tried making my payment with a credit card (master card) and every time it says “something went wrong”. I’ve tried multiple times, checked that all my info is correct and waited a while in between attempts and nothing is working. I’ve googled and sweden does not seem to be a restricted country (and I would be surprised if it were). I did not enter a VAT number since it’s my understanding that’s only relevant for businesses to avoid paying the tax fee. My account is activated and I do have funds on my card.

How come I can’t buy a subscription?

Hi @Willson93!

Please open an Elements Help Ticket and they will check into it for you.

Hope that helps!

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Assuming you have open help ticket. Elements support team will asist you. In the mean time you can try with clear your browser cache and try again. Also you can try with latest version browser as like google chrome.


Yes, I have an open Ticket. Tried what you suggested, no change, thanks though. I’m a little stressed about nature of help tickets because things like that usually takes a couple of days to even get a response and also not guaranteed a solution. I’m working towards a deadline and this is urgent. It bothers me that something this basic about their service can cause a problem without having an easy fix.

sorry! to know you are not able to subscribe. Hope support team will reply you as quicly as they can. Actually they have many tickets in queue and they will reply one by one. please @BenLeong @KingDog can help about this concern. Thanks

Solved. Thanks everyone and the support team for your help.


Hello, i have the same issue. Unfortunately you didn’t wrote the solution for your initial problem :slight_smile:

Hi @mistelucat! Sorry for the late reply - are you still having this issue?

It looks like our payment processor had a small amount of downtime last week, which may have caused the problem. If you’re still unable to purchase, please open a support ticket via this link, and the Elements team will be able to help you out.


Hi Ben. I too am having the same issue and don’t understand why. I’ve had no problem purchasing from CodeCanyon but no matter what I try I can’t subscribe to Elements. I’m trying to subscribe to a one year plan. I’ve even opened another account using a different email address to try to go around this problem but the same thing happened. I’ve tried to pay thru Paypal and same thing. I too need to start this quickly as I am in the midst of building a web site and am looking at other providers so that I can begin. I would prefer to stick with Envato, but it’s proving difficult. Any help you could offer would be appreciated. I opened a ticket yesterday but still haven’t heard back.

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Exactly the same. I’ve tried 6 email addresses for different accounts with different credit cards and PayPal account. It kept saying “Something went wrong”. I’ve submitted the Help Ticket. After 6 days, I was informed that

“Hello, After further investigation, we are using our discretion and we won’t be enabling your account. All the best, Syn Customer Success”

And this is the final decision. No reason, no solution. That’s everything:(

Same. It’s absolutely frustrating. I have videos I’m desperate to make which are due on July 10 and I can’t get my account opened. I’ve tried EVERYTHING! all details are correct etc. At first it just wasn’t taking the payment but now when I open up envato click on pricing, go to complete purchase I’m met with ’ Something went wrong. We couldn’t load the page. Please refresh and try again.’ & then when you click refresh you get a pink screen with no options, just a notification saying you can’t log in… then you have to reset your cache and it allows you to log in again but the process just repeats. PLEASSSEEE SORT THIS! :frowning:

I am facing the same issue. The payment was successfully done from bank side and message come “Something went wrong”. I have tried this 3 time with different- different credit cards. Please resolve my subscription issue and multi-payment issue. @BenLeong @mgscoder Please help me :frowning:

Hi @seemant304

Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.


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Hi, what was the solution? I’m having the exact same issue. I’ve tried multiple different accounts and still won’t work.

Hi @BenLeong. I’m having the same issue. I’ve logged a request and I was told it’s a bank problem. After investigating with the bank it turns out the request hasn’t hit the bank at all.

I’ve opened two different accounts trying to purchase the subscription. I’ve also tried different cards yet I get the same issue with an error saying “ something went wrong”. I’ve done these while waiting a day or two after the next attempt after I was told to let the system reset.

Any idea what it could be? I really want envatos service as your products are amazing but I’m working towards deadlines and I need to select a service provider as soon as possible.

Look forward to your response.


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I’m having the same issue too, have also tried to use multiple accounts and different cards. I haven’t got time to wait as I need to do this work by the end of the day. Can anyone recommend a different marketplace i can purchase After Effects text templates?

Hi, I’ve been having the same issue, what was the solution, please let me know

I can’t buy nothing neither. Tried different cards & incognito mode. Doesn’t let me subscribe.

I am having the same thing. They told me they are “using their discretion” and disabling my account. I was a paid member and was trying to renew. Odd thing when a company will not let you buy their product.

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