I am member since 2010 & What about you??



Just would like to share my experience on envato. I started using envato for buying items for my clients since 2010 but unfortunately I didn’t took care to develop and sell for Themeforest or any other markets just recently (1 Jan 2014). I wish that I knew about it before than that date since it was new and easy to make wealth.

But Thanks to GOD, we still there and we can make it.


Was six years ago when I uploaded my first item. Back in the mists of time, when you had to post in your items on cassette tape and fax over your item descriptions. :wink:


lol @SpaceStockFootage
Been a Member Since: June 2011 its like life is on fast forward, time is going so quick


i have been a member ever since october 2013 :slight_smile:


I’ve been member since 2012 :stuck_out_tongue: lol and no sales :frowning: lool


@SpaceStockFootageModerator :grin:, it means it was a nightmare :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


I have been an envato member since October 2015 and I’m absolutely loving my experience with this amazing website so far. At the beginning the upload process seemed like a bit of a nightmare to me, every photo/example had to be a certain size, everything had to be uploaded separately etc., the uploading process is simply very different from other websites, so I ended up postponing posting products for months, until october, when I finally decided to finally give it a try and upload a product, and now I don’t regret it, not one bit :stuck_out_tongue::slightly_smiling::purple_heart:


im a member Since 2015 im New but i have the 1 year Badge lol ,
im not posting Products Yet as im still learning design ’ ( finished HTML4 , css2 now learning javascript will move to HTML5 when finish javascript then to css3 then boostrap , and all other things in designe )
Hope it will not take me too Much time to start my own product on themforest


Well my first account was born on April 2007. A bit different times on market :smile: No US Taxes no tons of every product hehe. I was just stupid and slept my time just because of one rejection. I could be one of Elite now. :sweat:


Using your old account would be better


Yes maybe, but now I have 750 sales in last 9 months with one actually using and few years ago I wanted to start with more official name and that time there wasnt a name change option… Anyway it doesnt matter for people buying items probably :slightly_smiling:


We have planned to upload my first item on Themeforest on 1st Jan 2014, but unfortunately we couldn’t make it until OCT 2015 :). We spent only 2014 to upload WordPress item and every-time we got Hard Reject until we changed my plan and start on uploading PSD project on 1st Jan 2015. Then after that we have started on doing HTML Template projects, and finally we made my WordPress product. It was a big challenge for us really.

But the good thing we made it finally :slight_smile:


Like to hear more :slight_smile:


since the beginning of eden now envato :slight_smile:


i got my 1 year badge one month ago but my first upload was on july 2015


im here from 2013, but i start working until 1 year after that …


I’m here since April 2010 and i was start working immediately :slight_smile: Almost 6 years passed, it is a long way for every author who is here since that period. There is a lot of ups and downs but if you take care about what are you doing it’s not a big deal.


From 2011, 5 years this october!


Am 7 months baby :grin:


Yesterday I have recived my OSCAR :slightly_smiling: