Finally into ELITE in 7 months

Hi All,

Started to design theme seriously from February and yesterday earned Elite badge. Registered to themeforest almost 8 years back and started as buyer but at the end of 2017 thought of developing theme for Envato. I must say, it’s the best platform a development company can get. Being a new user, selling theme wasn’t easy, specially when you face direct competition from some of the best selling themes.

Really happy that we made it. Now, next target is to become Power Elite in next 1 and half years. It’s tough, but I believe its possible. Currently working on 2-3 mega themes with 40-50 demos in-built. Let’s see what happens.

Once again, thank you guys for reading this post.


Congrats :clap:t3:

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Very admirable. Congratulations for a great job :wave:

Congrats. :slight_smile: :+1: