I already received my Elite Care Package

I just want to say Thank you to Envato for this very wonderful elite care package.


Nice,Congrats :smiley:

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Congrats :sunny:

One question, why there is no Elite badge next to your profile? :slight_smile: Just curious how you got the elite care package is you are not an elite author :slight_smile:

I am the Developer of “codeex” account :slight_smile: and I have more than 1 account at ThemeForest with different designer :slight_smile:

Now it makes sense :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work :tada: !

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Congrats :gift: :slight_smile:

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Congrats, @mabuc! :tada:

Enjoy the Vegemite… :smile:

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Thank you!

Congrats @mabuc , hope you reach the next level fast!

Hopefully :sweat_smile:

Congratulations @mabuc! Great achievement :trophy:

Congratulations :wink:

Thank you guys!