Html5 Creative agency template

This one page Html5 Template this template is perfect to upload in themeforest?

With respect this has no chance.

There’s issues throughout with design basics esp typography and generic styling

There is nothing premium that could not be found for free online

You need many more pages, versioning etc,

There is no point having blog previews without a post page

Look at popular items like this - granted this is one of the best sellers on envato and you do not need as many demos etc. but the level of diversity, versatility, uniqueness and attention to detail is what you need to be aiming for

This template has issues.

  1. Add more pages here.

  2. You can animate the portfolio section photos.

  3. Some items in pricing section not showing:

  4. Instead of text, you can use icon here:

  5. Footer should be improved.

  6. It is hard to understand if these are text fields:

Instead of one page, try to convert it into multi-page template.

Best of luck.

A lot of Thanks

A lot of thank my bro for your advicing

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Welcome bro. If any help needed, I am here.

Thanks bro, but how to you help me?

After upgrading your design, you can give here the link. I can review it again. Also, other experts are here to help you. this is my design link

This is the site, I already gave feedback and also other experts. When you will finish upgrading, then you can again show us that.

Okay, I will finish all issue as soon possible

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Hello Bro, I’ve improved some issues please check this link

Still nowhere near the standards.

Again, with respect to your work there’s no way you are going to solve this without significant changes in 24 hours.

There’s empty pricing removed and a few new icons but you are still ignoring the much much more important feedback and making little tweaks is just wasting your own time:

  • Portfolio items copy/paste content and no details or lightbox
  • Blog previews with no post
  • Nothing that could not be found for free online
  • Lacking more pages, versatility, layouts, unique features etc.
  • typography and hierarchy need reconsidering throughout
  • null links in the footer

Bro I want to uploade just one page template

All things you’d need to do even for a one page template

Especially as one page sites, unless super unique and new, don’t really cut it any more and require the versions and demos to be approved.