I've got a hard rejection for HTML5 Template, Need help!

Hello, I’ve recently submitted HTML5 Multipage theme for corporate category and received a hard rejection through email.
my demo link is : http://www.skcyber.com/demo/shaaz/
where should I’ve to work so that I receive acceptance letter!

Please reply me asap!

With all due respect you need to forget this one, familiarise yourself with the standard for here and restart.

You have over 100+ validation issues, the basic fundamentals incl. Typography, spacing. margins, alignment are all way off, and everything needs rethinking.

Can I ask you, Where did you checked the validation issues?


Many of them are nothing but still easily avoided which appears lazy if left there

Okay I will remove all validation issues. and please tell me that how much margins, paddings, alignment should I use?
I just followed the design and don’t know about those things.

With respect these are basics of web design and this is marketplace aimed at professionals or at least capable amateurs

Honestly, everything needs changing - noone can just tell you what to add.

Even if you fixed these (which is a sizeable job) then the design is not good enough for here, there is nothing stand out about it and it would need far more added to it.

This is what happens when you base files on free templates - the quality is ‘free’ not ‘premium’

Compare it to any of the latest HTML templates and you will see the difference and the level of quality and refinement needed.

I am not trying to be harsh - just save you wasting your time. If you are not familiar with stuff like padding and alignment then you should go away and learn about this type of stuff before trying to submit files here.

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I am working on a new design to come up with :slightly_smiling:
thanks for clear and cut words :slightly_smiling:

Please check this version and tell me that is it pretty much better? and which category should I choose!
demo url : http://skcyber.com/demos/shaaz

Sorry but you are still nowhere near the standard.

  • Alignment and spacing is all over the place

  • Typography is not good

  • There are a lot of inconsistency throughout the design and pages

  • Portfolio still is not central

  • Design just is not up to the standard to compete

It’s not about us trying to be harsh - just compare it to the big selling HTML files and you will see what we mean

The design is very basic for this market, you have to keep working hard more and more do learn all you can.

There are many errors in the design and also in the code.

Good luck and keep going