HTML Template rejection. please help..!!!

I uploaded my HTML Template and it has been hard rejected .

My demo :

Can you help me out what my problems are ?

Thanks*** List item**

Hi there:

I think that you themes is good idea but style old I not like use shadow box, spacing and typography, you can change colors better, and also error w3c is you can check all demos you html w3c. thanks.



@JeriTeam yeah you have a point buddy. Thanks a lot. I will all the issues and change the layout little bit. I guess it should work.

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Sorry to say but you can not fix this layout. Stop working on it and make new one.

Yeah Sure. Do you have any specific reasons for that.? If so Please let me know. Thank You.

Looks very outdated. just check popular or recent items on themeforest and try to be objective than you will see what is wrong with your item.

good luck