HTML "Coming soon" NOT file PSD



Hi to all:

Do I can make coming soon on html sell themeforest but do need I make .psd or not? I not want work my .psd please help me thanks. :slight_smile:


Please help me I need start make html for submit themeforest thanks


help meeeee pleaseeeeeee


If you want to build a HTML Template to sell it, then the PSD is not required.

You are not allowed to copy approved PSDs and build html templates for sale unless you have a partnership with the author of the PSD.


Yes but I will make .psd but I not upload themeforest .psd, I will make html for sell themeforest :slight_smile:



Hi @JeriTeam, but you can work on the PSD and sell it to as a PSD Template.


Yes can but I not like works psd because I not want works with my partner for make html :frowning:, I want working single .psd and html for me.