Want to Sell both PSD and HTML

I am new here. I am building PSD Email Template. I want to sell both the PSD and the HTML email for the same PSD. is this possible? Or what should i do. Approve PSD first or HTML with PSD first??

Yes that’s possible but PSD emails are pretty much non existent on Themeforest - maybe better with that one on Graphicriver

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OK i will show you within couple of days what i have made. What is the main issues of Approving the PSD?

There’s no ‘issues’ with PSD emails - just that they are better suited to another marketplaces as they are unlikely to offer the level or scale to make it premium enough in that format for TF.

Obviously once you code it then that is different and you can still look at selling it on GR in PSD format

So where is this masterpiece you have built?!

Let’s see it!