HTML Approved :)


i got hard rejected of html

psd is already approved

any feedback help us

There’s some spacing issues in your template , Some sections looks really crumpled …

I think it may have a better chance as a WordPress theme .

Good Luck .


thank for reply wordpress we already uploaded with more function waiting for reply

can you explain me which spacing issue are you talking

thank you

“From The Blog” Section ,

Also there’s a few minor alignment issues in the header section , For example Navigation alignment , Language selector icon on the top right , And in the blog page as well

And the search button , I assume it’s not supposed to take me to another page , right ?

Good luck .

What’s going on with the navigation? And search box looks weird. Improve that.

Thank for feedbAck

I will take look this and after fix we upload

Thank for point issue

html approved after resubmit :slight_smile:

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Sorry, my wrong message