How to verify purchase code?

Hi Guys,

How can i verify purchase code received from my buyers. Please guide me if anybody has solution.



  1. Go to[YOUR USERNAME]/[YOUR API KEY]/verify-purchase:[PURCHASE CODE].json;

  2. Install

The extension for purchase code verification is available on Chrome Web Store for free to make your day easy :grinning:

Feature suggestions and contribution on Github are welcome

Available on Chrome Web Store

Github Repository

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I use Better Envato Chrome extension. It will show a verify purchase block on your dashboard


@aspirethemes with Easy Envato there is no need to even copy-paste the purcahse code, just a text selection will do the thing :slight_smile:

@UnitedOver This will need read and write access to all websites which is a privacy threat. So its better to Copy Paste :slight_smile:

btw, I’m the author of Better Envato :sweat_smile:

Thanks for recommending Better Envato :slight_smile:

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Thank you, you did awesome work! cha-ching :smiley:

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That’s the reason we’ve kept out repository open source, there is nothing hidden under the sleeves. No data is collected or saved in any way buy our extension.

Btw , just checked Better Envato, its pretty neat :stuck_out_tongue:

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