Purchase Code Check?

Hello friends.
Is there a way we can check the Purchase Code?
Free or paid.


Purchase code is always unique and for freebies purchase code will be just: Free. So, for free items you can know normally to see the purchase code (Free). Now for paid (purchased) items purchase code check you can make your own application where you can check it using envato api. please check out https://build.envato.com

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Thank you for the answer. I created a new token first. I have tried many Purchase code checker apis. chrome plugins do not work. Most Api’s sites do not open. I have tried android applications. The day is over but I still haven’t found a solution.

I think all platforms are broken right now.
Can someone check the purchase code right now? I would like to listen to this person.

I use a Google Chrome extension called Better Envato and it enables you to check purchase codes directly in the Dashboard. Works great for me.

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You can try Easy Envato

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Thank you for supporting me.
This plugin works very well

Thanks @WebWizardsDev for recommending my Better Envato Chrome Extension to check Item Purchase code on Themeforest and Envato market.

@dofx Hope you like it. If there are any issues, open a ticket on Github (its open source)
Since you mentioned Paid, why don’t you go ahead and click the “Options” Page in the extension settings and Donate? :wink:

Thank you for your advice. @surjithctly
Easy Envato works very well for me now. I installed the “better envato” plugin but could not run it for purchase code. I created api code and saved it in the plugin. I could not check. Is there a bug or is it my problem?

@dofx When creating Personal Token From build.envato.com Website, you should check all fields and create.

My extension offers more than purchase code verify, it can send realtime notification on sales, live earnings currency conversion and more.

@surjithctly I’m not a software expert. I am the end user. I think it doesn’t work for purchase code. It also just wants too much authority for the purchase code.


It works fine for me. As I said, it has more features, so needed more permission. Anyway, glad you have it worked with the other one.

All permissions are active.
It still doesn’t work. It just says “Please Wait”. I think you should consider this issue.

@dofx Could you inspect the element and open Console. See if you got any error. Send screenshots to me Privately. I will sort this out!

Bro, I love it, and I love the sound whenever I sell something :joy: :joy:

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