How to verify a purchase code? Where can I get a verification code?

I recently received a letter from Envato:
I simply wanted to inform you that the user (VK***) is requesting a refund for [Drum**]
Could you let us know if the purchased code was activated and if so could you provide us with the domain usage for activation, please?
Please tell me what I should do? And also where can I get the purchase code? Thank you all!

Hello @HeartDrumMachine

You can find your purchased code from your download link

if you need more help then contact to author

How to contact an author



This is irrelevant for Audiojungle items. Envato doesn’t know their own marketplaces. What a joke!


I may have explained it wrong, but I am the author of Audiojungle. And Envato support asks me to check if the purchased code has been activated and provide us with the domain usage information for activation. But I don’t have the code and I don’t understand where to get it.

Could you add a couple more words of clarification so that I can describe the essence of the misunderstanding to Envato Support.


You can check using envato api


Ask them “how does this apply to an Audiojungle item?”

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My understanding is that if I am contacted by Envato support, they must first provide me with a purchase code. And only then I can run the script. But they wrote me only the name of the Buyer and the name of my track that he bought.
Should I ask Envato Support to give me a purchase code?


You can open ticket to envato they will help you.

Author support