How to update theme without losing CSS configurations

Hi everybody,

I’ve purchased 7 years ago Truemag theme and I want to update it now.

I’m using child theme where i do the changes in .php and .css files…

How can i update truemag version without lossing changes and configuration?

Thank you

If this is the first time updating then first off back everything up properly.

I’d suggest asking the author as there will have been several significant changes in that time and it may not be as simple as traditional process

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I cant ask author because license has expired…

i think that i’m having compatibility troubles with child theme… maybe with php version i dont know sure

Again if it’s been 7 years then there have been some huge changes in WP and the theme itself so despite that being a great theme I am not sure simply updating is going to work.

You could try item comments to see if the author could at least confirm the complexity or else look at a freelancer like @ki-themes who can assess it properly.

Either way back it up using a decent plugin if not via your hosting as well

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Thank you…

i’ll contact with @ki-themes to ask if he can help me…

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No worries - he is a proven author here and I think it is a worthwhile investment to ensure things are done correctly and you don’t end up making matters more complicated for yourself. Good luck