How to reach to all my theme buyers ?!!

Hi there ,

What is the best way to reach or connect to all my HTML theme buyers ?
For asking a question or make a survey on something of the theme .

Thanks In advance

There is no way to contact them until they are not contact you first.

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It’s not directly possible - you could release an update and include some kind of info there but there is no guarantee what kind of response you would get

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Why envato don’t create a form like the support form to connect with the buyers of the theme ?

I guess you would need to speak to support for absolute clarity but I would imagine that it is to do with:

A) general privacy

B) to prevent any less legit authors not misusing or exploiting that volume of data

C) buyers signed up and agreed to comms etc. with Envato - not the individual author, and I’m pretty certain Envato can’t just give out details or access to that info