How to make our own API for php based web application


How does Twitter API or any other API work…?

How can i integrate API’s to my existing / new application

The application could be of any type…, So how do i / anyone go about this?


You can try this for a start:


Are you trying to write an API to access your own web data, or are you trying to access somebody else’s data through their API?



Thanks for the link, definitely helped a lot.


Yes, I am trying to write API access for my own data…, i…e Allow other users to use my API to access my services/data (whatever they might be).

Similar to twitter, facebook, etc…



Someone on here has written a REST based framework to help you do this.

Haven’t bought it so no idea what it’s like though:


Take a look at XML-RPC, a great example of mapping requests to classes and methods can be seen in CodeIgniter -


Thanks for the links, Though i wanted to implement API for my (Upcoming) Client Management Application, i will implement it in the future release.


hey … look this other project for API … is cool,