Using free API

I want to use an API in my web app that is provided by a third-party API service. The third party is giving me the API for free (although I can make limited requests). But I found in their website that I can use the API for non-commercial use only. Can I use the API in my app and upload it to Codecanyon?
Is it safe?


No - you have to have commercial licenses

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Thanks for the reply. Another thing, if I purchase a commercial license from them and make a custom API service by myself using their API (assume it is permitted by them) and use my API service in my apps, is it good to go with Codecanyon?
Codecanyon may see my API service (eg. but they can’t know what the source API is. Will it create any problem or any licensing issue?


It will depend a lot on what the license says.

Commerical is only one part - you need to be clear about the access that any buyer would have to it/what they would need to be do to configure it

What is the API for?

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I would provide free access to my API. they wouldn’t need anything to configure or there would be no license key/access token, etc. for the API.

It’s a geolocation API from IP address which I want to implement in admin dashboard.

There is a workaround for this.

If you’re able to hardcode the API into your app so that your customers provide their own API key, then you don’t have to pay for commercial access - that’s something only your buyers need to worry about, and many buyers will be fine with this, especially if they only bought your item for personal use. :wink:

This has the added benefit that if your own API goes down, your item keeps working. I always strongly recommend authors steer clear of releasing items that fully depend on the author’s APIs.


That was a good solution :smiley:
I didn’t think like that. First of all, the commercially usable API is costly for me, another thing is, if my service goes down, it’ll affect all of the buyers applications.

Thank you very much for the idea.

I didn’t understand this. Would you please elaborate why?

Thank you.

I think I released my first item back in 2013 or so, and I made the same decision you almost did - my script relied on my own API for certain features. The problem was, if my API went down (due to an unexpected outage or maintenance), those features stopped working, and it was very poor user experience.

Basically, your goal should be to reduce the number of remote services your script relies on. This means less chances for there to be outages that affect your item. It won’t affect your approval chances, it just makes your script more reliable.

This doesn’t mean you can’t set up your own API. You can absolutely have an API for things like checking for updates or verifying licenses. Just try to make sure that none of the main features in your script rely heavily on it. (And if you need to use an API, it’s better to use a service who probably has better servers than you) :slight_smile:

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Got all the points you mentioned. :smiley:
Thank you so much. :heart:

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