How to know whre my liscence number is being used on which site

I bought a Forest theme liscence, and applied it to a site. But I cannot seem to see on which site I am using it. Is there any way to see which domaine name is attributed which liscence number on envato homepage? On the actual site, which I though had the liscence attributed to it, the number is not displayed and when I try to retype the number it says it is used on another site. I am confused (have 3 sites) and all three say that liscence is being used by another site? I need to know where the actual liscence is being used! Thank you for helping me.


theme license registration info stored in author own database. So, this information you can get from your purchased theme author. please contact theme Author and let them know How to Contact your purchased theme Author. theme author will be happy to check it for you.