🔬 How to detect if other authors are using your product without permission?


This week I got a refund request for one of my products. No biggy, I get these sometimes, if a buyer is not happy, no problem I’ll give a refund.

But this was something else.

  1. The description was in line of “lots of issues” no further details supplied

  2. The purchase date was 9 months ago. Yes. That’s right.

  3. After further investigation I find that this person turns out to be a ThemeForest Author and has been using one of my products in their own theme on ThemeForest without my permission.

  4. Was doing the above with a regular license which even without permission does not cover this use case.

Does anyone have any tips on how to find out if other authors are doing this?

Do you guys at Envato keep an eye on this?

You should definitely let envato know https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

They take stuff like this seriously but obviously there is only so much they can do in such a big marketplace

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Thanks for the URL.

I have declined the refund request (obviously) and contacted the author to see if we can work this out. If he does not respond in due time I will take this up with support.

The author did not respond to my inquiries so I’ve submitted DMCA request. Sad panda.