How to deal with new Instagram API changes?




Recently Instagram introduced new sandbox limitations for apps, so I’m unable to display latest photos from some user(it’s profile is public) on my site using WP widget that I’m built using instagram API.

After some research turned out that instagram simply does not allow this -

Someone has fixed this already or have some thoughts about it?



Yea they are stonewalling us without being very description about what actually constitutes a legitimate use case for using the ‘public_content’ api scope.

Does anyone know about any third party apps? They mentioned 'if you need to display feed data contact a 3rd party developer…


You can try Instagram Feed plugin


You should create access token (need to add token in javascripts like accessToken:‘2223881582.3a81a9f…ee43cdbe4’) for your live demo. I’ve fixed it in our demo :slight_smile: -