How to create themes for themeforest

Hello, I want to start creating wordpress themes for themeforest, I have read and done the necessary research. And I want to start using Underscores or another framework or starter theme. But how should I do it?

I simply change the name of the theme and work on it. My question is because in the rules of envato also says that you should not submit themes by changing your name.

I would like to know how you do it, I hope you can guide me, thanks in advance.


Remember everything is important on WordPress platform Coding & Design.

Helpful article about themeforest quality standard

Hope helped!

Thanks for the links, in fact I am reading this now.
What I would like is to know about their experiences, how they undertake. You can rename a framework and make all the code and design changes and present it, or this is not possible, the part of the requirements I think I will have to meet when coding.