how to Convert a brochure A4 size to US letter size in indesign

Anybody please help me . Thank you

Hi, we should rather talk about adaptation than conversion, the letter format is wider but more reduced in height depending on whether your brochure is in portrait or landscape format, the latter is a little complex to adjust.

the easiest way would be to readjust the content of your brochure “images, texts and graphics, etc …” to the new dimensions, page by page until you get the desired result.

Thank Friend.
how to conver indesign to docx ? you know about this ? thnx again

As in MS Word?

There will not be a (proper) way to do this. Even if you find some unoffical route online it will end up a mess and uneditable without breaking

some author upload there print template in indesign and docx format, so how can it possible ? you know what is best way to indesign to word convert ? sorry for broken English

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you can design brochure indesign but later you can design in docx same design that indesign.

Do it manually in each format - these are not intended to be “converted”


hi buddy i unfortunately believe that there is no such “easy way” and that u simply have to create your item again in another application …