How to change category pictures in Payee-12 theme

We purchased the Payee-12 theme from Envato for Shopify but I cannot change the photos in the category slider. It says to update the navigation and then takes you to the menus but I’m not sure how to change the photo’s on the slider. If you want to see the website being discussed it is How do I change those category slider pictures?


I would like to recommend please contact Item Author to get item support How to Contact your purchased Item Author and let them know. Item author will be happy to assist you.


I skimmed the video guide for this theme since it looks like their doc site is currently down. My guess would be that the category slider uses the images you add in Shopify for your collections (see time 0:48). But you can always reach out to the author of this theme to ask for support.

Thank you, that was my assumption too but it is not working. The author wants all our login and password credentials, is this normal? I just want to know how to do do it myself, not have them do it.

It depends - we usually provide answers via a ticket response and then if the customer is having trouble we’ll ask for temporary login information. Our products are for WordPress, so it’s pretty easy to create a temp account for us that they can delete later.

I’m not super familiar with Shopify, but it looks like you could probably add them as a staff member with developer permissions (here’s the shopify guide) so they can fix your images, then just delete that user when they’re done. This way you don’t have to share your store owner info with anyone.