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Hello everyone,

Our WordPress theme has been approved a few days ago. The Reviewer forgot rating our documentation. So it was set “unrated”. Then, I contacted Envato about this. Supporter changed it to “Well Documented”. But, he also changed our item category. Before, it was in “WordPress / eCommerce / WooCommerce”. Now, it is in “WordPress”. As you know, a theme success or not much depends on a few days since it is approved (number of views is high). Our item is in a wrong category now. So, number of views is very low. I tried to contact Envato again. But, there is still no reply. I’m very worry! So, I create this topic. I hope Envato Team can see and help me soon.

Thank you very much!

My item link: https://themeforest.net/item/enzy-multipurpose-woocommerce-wordpress-theme/26699371


As you have already contacted the author supprt. they will assist you to change the category.
currently support team experiencing a high volume of enquiries and response time could be some delay but they will reply as quickly they can.


No one can help me? Our theme is stopped sale 2 days. Supporter still does not reply my ticket. I took many time for this theme. Good or bad is also my effort. I’m really boring and disappointed :frowning:. I really need help soon.

currently support team experiencing a high volume of enquiries and response time could be up to 7 days. Please keep patience, they will reply as quickly they can.

If response time is 7 days, my theme will be dead. Sorry, But I have to say: I’m very disappointed with Envato Support :frowning:. I only need help with Documentation attribute. I don’t know why he also changed my item category. Very careless! :frowning:

I can understand your concern. when the support request is about category change then support team send the request to review team. review team check it and take necessary step. so, it can take time. But I believe they will reply you as quickly they can.

As you said, the Supporter can not change category. Why can he change our item category from “WordPress / eCommerce / WooCommerce” to “WordPress”?

as I said and as an author I know item review, documentation review, category change all are item review team responsibility. support team just forward request to review team in those case. hope you will get your answer from your open ticket reply and they will assist you.