How to change category pages layout

Hi guys,

I’m kind of newbie with codes and html.

So, I use salient themenectar and I would like to change my category pages layout to looks better, as much I work with art. Please, somebody can give me a light and help me about changing the theme behind category pages?

Please, teach me step by step. I really need that to make a huge difference at my work.

I can give some reward for that! (:

For doing this Customization job I would certainly recommend one of the WordPress experts at Envato Studio. They’re really good and surprisingly affordable.

It doesn’t make sense, pay for something that I can do for free if somebody get patience for explain to me

It does make sense.

“Someone” has spent time to google and learn how to make changes in HTML, CSS and JS


has spent time and money to learn at the school/collage


now also need to spend time to learn you how to make this changes step by step? For free?

But, who knows, maybe someone has “free” time for all that…

You have paid for template and is up to you how will you use it - will you make changes yourself or you will pay someone to make this changes for.

knowledge is democratic, mate.

Do you live in the internet era?

Also, I’m not english native speaking. I’m from Brazil. If you don’t want to help, I would like to recommend you to keep your bad feelings with you.

Good day :blush:

Your English is fine (better than mine).

knowledge is democratic, mate.

Yes, of course - start using Google and you will find your answers there for free - there is so many free knowledge and all you need to do is just to read, that is all (like I am doing last 10 years). You see, I want to help you - I have made you direction where to start, and all is for free! Yeee!

And yes, I live in the internet era but also that is my main and only job - I make for life from Internet. Nothing is for free in life my friend - for just a “simple answer” someone has spent a lot of time (I am not talking just about my area, the same thing is with for example doctors or any other area).

I wish you all the best, and hope someone will help you for “free”.