How to cancel my subscription/trial

Hello all,

I have started a trial but really didn’t find it much useful for what I need. I tried cancelling the trial but it would give me an error and tell me to try it again later. I tried the next day, same thing, and ended up forgetting to cancel afterwards. I haven’t accessed or downloaded anything other than one Premiere template the day I started the trial.
After the trial period ended, as expected, Envato tried to charge my credit card, but the charge didn’t go through. I am now trying to find a way to contact Envato or to cancel my subscription, but I can’t find any contact info or how to cancel it. I don’t want it to be charged to my cc as I tried to cancel it before the trial ended and haven’t used it at all.

Any help is welcome.



Check this article to cancel your subscription


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Who do I contact about a canceled subscription that got charged anyway!?