How to add previous item image link under my item?

I am new in GR. I have seen that some item in GR has previous item image link under the currently viewing item. How can i add them?

hi, what do u mean, u mean when u click on the preview image? because if so this is done automatically, nothing to do …

thank you for your reply. i am not telling about the screenshots when we click on the preview image. i want something like the image i uploaded. the images shows under the preview image. this images are linked to previous items.

may be i cann’t explain well. i am not good at english. ha ha…

go to settings, then profile and in the profile text box add < img src=“” > change the tinypic url to your own

oh, i thought you ment under profile, if its for under the item. same again but navigate to you item and hit edit. then add the image tag

this for the image. that means the code for the link will be like this?
<a href="link"><img src="image_source"></a>

am i right?


Note: Photo upload on PhotoBucket or another similar site

thanks a loot.

Is there any image size that can’t be exceeded? or something like this?

Try 590x220 px, it should be ok

thanks for your support.

Of course, don’t forget </a> at the end of the above HTML snippet. :slightly_smiling: