How to add Jpeg or Html Image to item description

I’m just write text to item descriptions. How to can I add jpeg or html image? And I’m wonder about the 80x80 jpg issues. My 80x80 jpegs don’t have quality.


To add images/screenshots In product description you have to first upload those images in the web as like in your webhost server. Then use img tag to show the image as like:

<img src="WEB-URL-OF-THE-IMAGE" alt="image" />

Just replace WEB-URL-OF-THE-IMAGE with your image url and put the code into your product Description.

80x80 jpg: you can use photoshop to make this image one.


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Thanks for answer. So, which webhost server i should using? Do you have any suggestion? i mean either this web sites genres should be public web sites or my web site? Like image uploading web sites.

best option will be your purchase webhosting server. otherwise you can use any free image hosting server.

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