How much time does it take you to make a template ?


I was just wondering how much time does it take for other authors to make AE templates, from logo reveals to complex projects.

Hi. It depends on the project. Could be a few days for a simple project, 2 or 3 weeks for more complex projects or even months or more for really very complex projects that you´re really sure it will have enough quality to get an approval. Time depends on designer skills too. There´s no specific and exact time for projects.

From 5 hours to 1 Lazy Month for me

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it also depends if u can concentrate on marketplace or not, can work straight from starting to finishing or not … if u have to pause to do something else, like taking care of a freelance project or something this is taking more time as cutting need together back into it so to speak

From a week to two months. Sometimes I reject them by myself :joy::joy:


From a week to a month really :grinning: some simple lower thirds might even get done in three/four days days. And something like Instagram stories might take just a week or more to come up and refine the designs, then another week or more to animate… then maybe fancy promo video which I can later repurpose as a slideshow or smth - another week :grin:

Sometimes I have a feeling that some people get things done way more quickly than me and it makes me anxious but reading your answers kinda denies that more or less and makes me feel like I don’t suck as much perhaps :joy::smile:

If you decide to make anything - ballpark the time how potentially it might take and go for it.

The thing is - if you delay it, postpone or get overwhelmed with other work, chances are high that someone will do similar concept faster than you. Which leads to more competition not to your favour, hehe!

Anyways, invest a lot of time only in those projects, which you truly believe can make a difference!