Template review time take too long, Why?

Capture The problem on the image surrounded by red mark. I upload a after effect project file in videohive, but it is still under review, Why? Solution please

3 days is not a long waiting time. Consider that 2 of those 3 days were the weekend.

Come back when you waited 3 weeks :slight_smile: Then it is worrying

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Hi dear friends, How many days it would be take to complete review process? Please tell. Thanks for your help!

I am new here

It should be reviewed in the next 48 hours.

48 hrs take From upload time to complete review process?

No. 3-5 days from upload to review process in the AE category currently. This can change in the future, this is how it is now.
On weekends there is no review, so that is when it is rather 5 days.

Just wait 2 more days then you will most probably have your answer how long it took :slight_smile:

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Thanks friend

Take a look on your item review schedule

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Thanks. Please let me see

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it took two days for my project to be reviewed

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hi indeed, every year submissions are intensifying in the second part of the year and the queuing is thus increasing in the end

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