How improving your item page may increase your sales

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Have you ever wondered how to get your products on the “Popular Items” page?

While best selling items are usually those of great quality, no product can sell itself without the help of an engaging item page. Best selling authors are keenly aware of this, and this article will provide you with some tips and tricks they use to promote their products.

Present your customers with the right content

Item pages are vertically split into two columns: On the right is the compulsory column, which accounts for 1/3 of the page. It includes basic information such as price, name of author, number of sales and technical figures. This column is standard on every item page.

What matters here is the primary column on the left. Each item page has its own appearance and content.

However, there are some crucial things that cannot be excluded.

Most best-selling authors will include:

  • Key features: A list of significant features that will allow them to have an overview of what you’re offering. Each customer has their own need, thus, this section is essential because it determines whether your customers will stay and take a deeper look. The key features are usually a chance to emphasize the ease of use of the product and customizability, and adaptability to the customer’s needs.


Key features of Rosemary Theme – designed by SoloPine

  • Preview of your product: You should always include some high quality images of your product. Nobody’s going to bother buying a product without first having a look at it. Try to design an impressive preview making good use of photography.

pasted image 0

Preview of Jupiter – a theme by artbees

  • Demo of your product: A demo is the most effective way to convince people buy your product. Under the cover image at the top of the page, there is always a Live Preview button, to lead the customer to a demo of the website. Be sure to to pack as much detail as possible into this demo, even small items should be included and showcased.

pasted image 0 (1)

The Live Preview button enables customers to view the demo of the theme

The Impreza theme by UpSolution has a very detailed demo.

  • Positive customer reviews: Find out if you can quote some previous customer reviews on your item page. Having this there offers a quick way to gain the trust of potential customers. Make sure to have a button so that they can read more reviews.


An example of customers’ reviews

  • Testimonials from influencers: There are those who have created their own niche in this industry. If you could present your customers with their testimonials, your prestige will improve remarkably.


  • Full list of features: When your customers are impressed by your product, they will take a deeper look, and it is then that they will decide to buy it or not. Although you have listed the key features, it’s often the the full list of features that gets them over the line.
  • Call-to-action buttons: Last but not least, remember to deploy imperative verbs to guide and encourage your customers to do something. Call-to-action buttons are designed to grab browsers’ attention and entice them to click. Your call-to-action buttons can either encourage your customers to buy your product – “Add to Cart”, “Purchase now” – or simply provide more information and whet their interests – “Learn more”, “See the demo”, “Join our community”.

pasted image 0 (3)

pasted image 0 (4)

pasted image 0 (5)

Some examples of call-to-action buttons.


Making your item page engaging and attractive gives your item the best chance of standing out amongst thousands of other products. If, at a glance, you show how your product is special compared to the others, customers are likely to take a closer look and find out more. If on the other hand, your product blends in with the rest, customers are more likely to skip past it without a second glance.


Make the most of design and copywriting

Design and Copywriting are key factors in attracting customers. In the “Popular Products” section of ThemeForest, the proportion of images to text is approximately 7:3. Try not to cram your customers with bunches of text.

A well-designed item page shows your customer that you are professional and your product is preeminent. If your item page is poorly designed, your customers will associate a sense of sloppiness to your product. Try to use a color palette and style that matches your product. If your product uses an elegant style, avoid using vivid colors on your item page. Your design should be comprehensive throughout the item page, as much as it should be in your product.

Even with the perfect design, however, there’s still a need for effective copywriting.

An item page should include a few, short paragraphs containing 15 to 30 words that explain how a feature works or illustrate what’s special about the product. Insert this text into your images, upholding a good balance between the two. Keep your words straight to the point, with a focus on showing rather than telling customers what’s so special about your item.

With good use of copywriting you can turn browsers into customers.


pasted image 0 (6)

How ThemeFusion use copywriting for their Avada theme


Optimize SEO

On the item page, the proportion of text is minor. Nevertheless, you can still utilize this small portion of text to optimize your SEO.

Pick a unique name for your product so that when customers search for it, the results are related to your item and linked to your item page. Repeat your chosen keywords on the item page, such as your product’s name or some outstanding words or phrases. Take “Photography” (a theme by ThemeGoods) as an example. It is specially created to be a photography blog. Therefore, the author repeats the words “photo”, “photography” and “portfolio” a number of times along the page. Do not overuse keywords, however, it will come off as repetitive and careless.



On the secondary column, there is a section named “Tags”. Include all the related tags you can think of to link browsers to your item page, but don’t go overboard.



The tags of Photography theme


These are just some of the tips we’ve picked up from looking at ThemeForest’s best-sellers. However’, each author has a slightly different way of presenting their item page.

What do you think makes an item page effective? Tell us in the forums!

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Thank you for such an interesting question.

As far as I know, the most popular way of listing the key features among the top authors is having them engaged in the body of the item page with stunning and comprehensive design like what Avada, X the Theme, Enfold or many other popular items did.

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