How to do marketing / increase sales on item?


I have some HTML and WordPress items. They have high standards, but sales are not as high as others.

How to do marketing for items and increase sales?

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Try promoting your products by optimizing them and try doing SEO and social media marketing for your products.

If I say in one word then try “Digital Marketing” to increase sales.

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You can find general marketing guides if you Google “how to market a digital product”. TLDR it mostly boils down to content marketing & SEO (namely your product landing page as well as blog posts), social media marketing, email marketing and general advertising.

As a quick example here are a few things you can try:

Content marketing & SEO - Add attractive and easy to understand images followed by a detailed description to your product landing page (remember to focus on keywords). Checkout top sellers like Avada to see what I mean.

Social media marketing - Consider creating a handful of curated posts (again - use impressive imagery, we like to hire designers to help us with campaign images but you can also create some nice ones with Canva templates) then boost them. Twitter and Facebook both have easy built-in ad systems that you can use to target people interested in specific topics like “WordPress”.

Email marketing - Start a newsletter for your product. This can be helpful to notify buyers of updates, share new features, show off new demos, promote sales, etc. Plus many email marketing platforms offer free-forever options so it never hurts to give a newsletter a try. For instance MailChimp is free up to 2000 subscribers, GetResponse up to 500 contacts, SendinBlue up to 300 email per day, etc.

General advertising - You can also try investing in PPC ads via ad networks like Google Ads or Bing Ads. Just be aware that many of the keywords in the WordPress / website builder niche can get pretty pricy.


Digital marketing is the best way to sell your products online. As it gives you the full advantage to marketize your products from brand awareness to lead generation.
Well, there are so many ways in digital marketing to sell your products online. But my only suggestion is that whether you go with 1 way or so many ways, you must do it with great content and a consistent manner.
Because in this era of digital transformation the competition level is going to heights. So, build your unique strategy to promote your item/products online.

Hey @micro_theme ,
You should try product Marketing and Promotion But Focus on the existing customers, Learn about your competitors, Build a customer service approach or customer relation.

Does paid promotion work? Which platform is better?

Use SEO to market these items. You’ll surely get good results if optimized properly.