How Does Envato Elements Subscription Work for Video Games?

I’m thinking of signing up for the subscription service mostly for the sound effects as I’d like to include them in a video game. But I’m confused by the licensing terms.

First, am I even allowed to include the sound files in my video game since they would be getting redistributed when someone downloads the game?

Second, it sounds like as long as I’m working on my video game I’d have to be subscribed to Envato. If I ever consider my game finished and no longer provide updates for it then I can safely cancel my subscription and the game can continue to sale afterwards without any issues, correct? If I ever have to return to the game after completion, maybe to release a patch or something, I’d have to resubscribe for as long as it takes to complete and release the patch. Does that sound right?

Anything else that I need to think about that’s specific to using the subscription for a video game?