Clarity on license for a video game.

Hey team

Just looking for clarity on the licensing terms to make sure I get it all right.

I am currently working on a video game that I hope to have out in the next 6 months and am looking to use sounds from envato. Am I correct in understanding that for licensing I must have a valid subscription for each sound used while I am developing the game until the product is finished and released? also the game will not be 100% finished on release, It will be released in “early access”, which for those that don’t know means it has been released at a completed enough state for people to purchase and play but It will be actively updated and added to for some years to come as players give feedback and input as to what they would like in the game. I understand that after early access release If I wanted to add new sounds I would need to retain my subscription but If I wasn’t going to add any new sounds would early access release still count as it being completed and I could end my subscription and still have the sounds properly licensed?

Thanks in advance