How do I Register a Downloaded Video Template?

I recently purchased a monthly subscription with Envato Elements and downloaded a video template called “Modern Fast Event” authored by markon.
( )
This is the first time that I have used Envato Elements, so any assistance would be amazing. I haven’t been able to contact the author but I am curious if I could get some assistance in a few issues I am having.

  1. After I downloaded the video template, do I have to register it immediately or can I wait until I have finished working on the project??

  2. How would I be able to register this downloaded template??

  3. I noticed in the video template file that I am working in Adobe After Effects a watermark in the lower bottom of the screen "copyright by MarKon and envato. How can that be removed?? Can it be removed??

Any assistance will be helpful…thank you so much.

  1. You have to be actively Subscribed to the platform(elements) when the project is going on and completed I.e you cannot stockpile items for future use and cancel the subscription. So, you can register when the project will complete.
  2. Visit your downloads and simply register it
  3. please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.


Thank you so much mgscoder.

Currently I am active monthly subscriber to Envato Elements.
I have checked my downloads and it only shows:,
Item Downloaded -> “Modern Fast Event” ( )
Project License -> I created a name & the date I did it this.
And then it has a “Download” button and a “Add A License” link.

I’ve have tried contacting Envatos support but due to a lack of reply we had to post on this forum. We want to continue our business with Envato but it is difficult to contact someone for our needs.

My biggest issue is that I would like to take the watermark “copyright by MarKon and envato” out, is this possible and if so how?? I attempted to re-download the video template thinking it might fix itself but it’s still embedded in the video. Is this typically something that occurs in all downloaded template videos where a watermark is embedded into the video??
Again any assistance will be helpful. Thank you so much

Hi @cobble123

When you downloading the template, you need to edit the project files using Adobe After Effects and from there, you can edit all the text including adding your footage to the template.

I believe the text that you want to remove is just only for a preview video because you can remove or change the text you see on that video preview.