Downloading and Customizing Videos

Newbie here.
So how does this site work? Can i download a video and customize it with my name and logo?
Or if you download a video you cant change any of the wording in it?


Yes, that’s exactly the idea. Because what you buy is a template. You have to read very well the software needed to edit these templates, before purchase, so you don’t get surprises after buying any item.

So how do I know what kind of software I need to use before I download a video

Thanks for your help

If you want to download an After Effects Template for example, the software used is in the item description. In this case you will find the software After Effects, version of software, required plugins if needed, project resolution, length, file size, etc. You will find all this info below item price.

If you buy a video clip you can use it in your project and do everything what is allowed in a License. Sure you can put any Logo as a foreground in front of the video.