How could I write on coffee cup mock up?

Hello everyone, I am new on graphics design and mockup and I have downloaded this mock up,

How could i change the text on the coffee cup? Could you help me please?

I click the text button on photosop but it doesn’t work :frowning:

There is a an attachment about the problem

Hello @heybecreative

That is an image. You cannot change the text in an image. You need to create a text layer or create your own design (e.g. insert an image) and then delete that photo provided by the author in the item.

How could I find same text an icon?

I found a font that’s similar. Not exact, but it’s close and it’s free.

The stars are part of the basic custom shapes that Photoshop comes with.

Thank you very much, I can do it right now, thanks again

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Thanks again, I can start to do design

Hello again, I got the font done but how do I add the star icon?

Do you mean the 3 stars above the text?

Select the Custom Shape tool and then select the star shape from the shape selection menu at the top of the page, then just simply click and drag on the canvas to create the shapes.

Thank you very much

i personally found illustrator to be more handy than adobe photoshop, when it comes to graphic design. But, its good that you have got it right as you wanted

Right, but this is a PSD mockup.