Today my AE logo template got rejected. Looking for feedback to improve it

Hello all Authors,
I have join the envato in 2017, I am trying to put my efforts in it , But every time my items get rejected,
Please have look on my recent logo template, suggest me how can I more improve this.
Any suggestions , any feedback is most valuable for me .
YouTube link 3D Heart Logo

I think is too simple, just one shot, one camera move and logo fade in. Even using 3D is not enough. You could´ve made a couple of shots more with different camera angles, some close up with depth of field on the small hearts. Or play around with some hearts falling down from the cup. It´s too static in my opinion. For example, the two main white hearts with logo or text could fall into the cup from the top and then this makes some small hearts falling and getting spread over the table, just an idea.
Don´t give up! Good Luck! :+1:

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback
I shall make these changes, and reupload it .

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I couldn’t disagree more. What would anyone use the version your suggesting for? At the moment it’s a “simple animation” that is exactly what it should be. The project “feels like” something that would be used as a cheesy greeting card between people in love. People in love gently slide things to each other they don’t have exploding cups of love. smh

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I didn´t say an “exploding cup”, just some extra natural motion for a 3D animation. Anyway, it´s my subjective opinion, you have yours and obviously you can disagree, fine by me

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