Hip-hop is hip-hop for hip-hop in hip-hop

@Pandocrator Does it work? :slight_smile:

What about this topic is this topic but topic a topic for topic?
brain dmg :stuck_out_tongue:

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Brain dmg is brain dmg for brain dmg in brain dmg.:crazy_face:

I understand the need to do whatever can bring money home, but all those silly titles look like some after effects of a massive brain damage epidemic! Not so funny anymore, only unprofessional, ridiculous… and a bit sad.

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Thanks for your thoughts everyone, the creativity in the face of adversity is distinctly impressive, as always. Jests aside though, you can rest assured Envato is well aware of the situation, seriously, and in the process of implementing new policy to respond to this for starters. Last I’ve heard, news is just around the corner, so please stay tuned, thanks. :slight_smile:


Wow! :astonished:
Thank you for letting us know, Adrien!
So glad to know that something is coming and excited to see what it looks like! :partying_face:
It is safe to say that we were heard after (or during) all these years of search-related forum threads :blush:


Thanks for the update!

Finally! Great that it has been made 100% professionally (it looks like there is an automatic algorithm finding such titles (!) and professional linguistic rules) but there should have been a short general statement months ago prohibiting duplicated tags in titles and a note that new rules might arrive in the future. Without this whole market has been flooded with title is title spam.


Once i have tried to name my track:

inspiring inspiration to inspire the corporate for the corporation

it was negated. :smiley:


Thanks for the update! We are very happy to see this change! :+1:


Tracks are still being approved with duplicate titles as well :man_shrugging:


Ok, let’s try this, the comment below will contain some potentially flaggable keywords:

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Nope… You don’t see it because it was banned on the fly. Seems like setting some basic titling rules is not rocket science after all…