Hip-hop is hip-hop for hip-hop in hip-hop


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Very entertaining topic :smiley:

I like that you provided a solution to the madness. I dont know enough about it, but that definitely gave some clarity. #thanks!

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22 days has passed and the situation has not changed by a millimeter.
Double names now officially allowed? :open_mouth:


hmmm this is interesting is insteresting

Keyword repetition seems to be allowed.

Original titles with keywords is not. Anyone can tell me a good reason for not allowing it? something like “Flying In The Sky (Inspirational Cinematic)” ? It’s ridiculous


Hi @jamesgiroux

What is happening with the urgent keyword issue at AJ? It’s just getting worse and worse every week.

I heard rumours that you mentioned at a meetup some time ago that the title policy would be updated asap. Though alone a title policy update is simply not enough to fix this issue, the problem needs to be fixed in the search engine as well to have any real effect.

For example using the word “music” is not allowed in keyword titles if you check the current title policy ( https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016422271-Music-Titles-on-AudioJungle ), still this is happening all over the place, just check ambient music/happy music/corporate music etc.


Hip Hop Hooray!!!

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Yep, it’s very disappointing.

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Incredible that this hasn’t yet been fixed. Makes an already unprofessional keyword-title driven search engine look even worse. Anyone still working at AudioJungle HQ or has everyone moved on to Team Elements now?


Good question.

In regards of this topics issue, I was in contact with support a week or 2 ago requesting to know who actually works at AudioJungle, in which I got the response “We can’t give out that information.” The reasoning behind this was that it would completely drown out key staff that keeps a lot moving.

I am thinking ok, that’s why it is a “secret” that Collis is the CEO of Envato as well. He would be completely drowned out if we knew…

Apart from reviewers I don’t think anyone is working at AudioJungle, but maybe some reviewers or ex reviewers can helps us out here?

I certainly think that AJ authors deserves to know if they are submitting music to a site that is not maintained anymore.


this is the dumbest stuff i ever seen. Why it is so difficult to switch search algorithm to original and poetic titles.?


Still no answer ? What a great staff we really care about us :grin:


Staff is staff… If they care about us they do it very is very secretly :slight_smile:

Also still waiting for my answer at support, I will post it here when or IF it comes.

I am worried this might be in the same category as the trending sorting (and also who actually gets trending), still not working properly since February. And the reason for that is all the category pages experiment on the other markets have created a series of problems in the search engine which developers do not have control over (I got this confirmed by a developer). If the duplicate keywords is a part of this I don’t know, but it would not surprise me either.





I just renamed all of my 100+ track by doubling their name… like “Emotional Dubstep” added “Is Emotional Dubstep” lets hope for sales lol

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Ok… should I just repeat the same track name until limit of letters would end? Kinda this “Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass Future Bass” Good SEO idea? isn’t it?

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Yes, @pilotaudio, you should, great idea! :smile: