Hi, Soft Reject who help me?

i try to change the template, but the team write me back the changes are not enough and the previous review still stands, so i hope your help me with the good suggestions


  1. The overall hierarchy of this item requires some additional work. Focus on better defining which areas of this item should demand more attention. http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/articles/an-introduction-to-hierarchy-webdesign-14947

  2. There are spacing and alignment issues throughout this item. Please take a moment to make sure that all elements are aligned perfectly and everything is spaced consistently from section to section.

  3. The overall quality of this item needs to be improved before it can successfully compete on ThemeForest.

DEMO: http://www.theme-oxygen.com/envato/travego/preview/index.html


Very first section after slider. Why use weather forecast widget? rethink about slider content. good luck

thanks for suggestions, witch slider in the middle or in the top? thx

Other suggestions please!!!


i see that You stop using white color and opacity :wink: … Think about titles like “WE ARE TRAVEGO”, “THE BEST PROMOTIONS” - they should encourage and right now they aren’t good visible.

ps http://www.theme-oxygen.com/envato/travego/preview/meteo.html this page looks like from Windows XP :wink: Black opacity background on green grass image ( low quality image )

Why when I’m on meteo page logotype do not redirect to main page ? Home also … only dropdowns works.

Hi Wordica,
thanks for suggestions
apart the work page, i dont understand why its not visible the title? i tri to put more spacing.

other suggestions for go online? :slight_smile:

Any idea? :frowning: :frowning: