Can you review the theme before I upload it?

Can you help me to find out the defects of the theme and complete review if possible and your suggestions for fixing it

With respect you have no chance of this being approved.

  • There are fundamental design issues throughout with typography, spacing, hierarchy,

  • There is no premium features or functionality that couldn’t be found for free online

  • There are elements that look suspiciously likesome other templates for sale already in the marketplace

  • Copy/paste content is lazy and feels unfinished

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Thanks for your valuable opinion …
Are there any tips that could help me in the next work?
I followed the instructions in typography, spacing, hierarchy, However, I did not reach the required level.
Can you please give me an example for this issues?
and thanks again…

Google is your friend when it comes to tutorials and learning.

Attention to detail is critical. 3 examples (far form only issues)

  • Typography and content in the hero section at the top does not suit that element

  • Services boxed - the line height of the titles is way too wide and the icons and text is not properly aligned to the container (it’s too high with excess margin at the bottom - yet you get it right in the 3 boxes below the hero section)

  • Same issues with the blog post previews and you are using copy/pasted generic content

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Thank you very much for your evaluation.
I will work on your advice